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SERVICES - Roof Consulting & Roof Testing Procedures

Leading Testing Engineer - CeBB Engineering & Testing, Co. is an approved Roof Testing laboratory with Miami-Dade County Product Control Division and performed tens of thousands of roof testing procedures since 2003, such as:

  • TAS 105, withdrawal resistance testing of fasteners used for attachment of various components to various substrate materials;

  • TAS 106, product application quality control test to confirm: 1) sufficient bonding by the mortar or adhesive to the tile and underlayment in a mortar or adhesive set tile system; or 2) effective mechanical attachment of components within a rigid discontinuous roof system;

  • TAS 124, determination of the resistance to uplift pressure of newly installed, adhered, built-up, bituminous roofing systems over mechanically attached or adhered rigid board insulation over various deck types;

  • TAS 126, the procedures for non-destructive testing for the presence of moisture, and the subsequent destructive testing to confirm moisture content, in Roof System Assemblies; including insulation;

  • Use of testing laboratories to evaluate and interpret field data.

  • RAS 117 Requirements for bonding or mechanical attachment of Insulation panels and mechanical attachment of anchor and/or Base sheets to substrates.

  • RAS 127 moment of resistance and minimum characteristic resistance load to install a tile system on a building of a specified roof slope and height.

  • RAS 137 Requirements for mechanical attachment of single-ply roof coverings to various substrates.

  • Wind Load Calculation as per ASCE 7.

  • Roof trusses analysis.

  • Roof Permit Application Assistance.

  • Roof Drainage Calculation/ Roof Area As-Built Survey.

  • Final reports outlining findings, opinions, recommendations (long/short term), cost parameters (re-roofs or repairs) and specifications for corrective action.

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Roof Consulting

Flat Roof

Sloped Roof

Roof Testing Procedures

TAS 105

TAS 106 Tile Up-Lift Test

TAS 124

TAS 126-95

Red Roof

Serve as Quality Assurance and Testing Engineer; conduct building inspections, plan and coordinate projects from start to finish; prepare job orders, devise schedules, and allocate resources.


Preparation of testing requirements, procedures and preparation of condition reports. Experience in water infiltration detection, designs of low slope (waterproofing) and steep slope (watershedding) roofing designs.

   since 2003
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