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Richard Schwartz
Insurance Center of South FloridaCoral Springs FL, 33071
(954) 255-1000

"This letter is to say how pleased we were with the work done for us by CeBB Engineering and Testing. We were having problems with our roof, since the Hurricane and Mr. Badiu filed a very extensive report on our behalf. The report was concise and very accurate. This enabled us to be able to re open our claim with our Insurance Company. Without his knowledge and expertise we never would have been able to accomplish this on our own. If anyone has any question they are free to contact me anytime."

Special Master, Judge

William G. Arnot

United District Court

Southern District of Texas


"Mr. Badiu is an Engineer and works for CeBB. Mr. Badiu is licensed in Texas and has extensive experience in hurricane damage to roofs."

Tracy F.

Universal Roofing

Hollywood, FL.

(954) 923-5100

The work that you and your team perform for us at Universal Roofing, Inc. is always of the highest nature. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. You, individually, and your staff are always pleasant, helpful and timely."

Irina G.

Credo-Engineers, Fort Lauderdale

"Thank you for the superior quality of Customer Service, your services exceeded our expectations and prices compared to the competition. Your staff is very courteous, knowledgeable and always hadled the calls quickly. We will definitely use your services again and recommend CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. to others. We have been extremely satisfied with the provided services."

Bruce P.

Action Roofing Services
Patt Roofing - Pompano Beach

(954) 275-6991

"Very satisfactory experience with the services provided to us. Excellent service prices combined with quality of services and a very courteous and knowledgeable staff would certain bring us back. We are very satisfied with the process of how our problems are handled and resolved. We will definitely use your services again and recommend your services to others."

Andrew Demos, Esq

Demos Law

(954) 415-2502


"It is my privilege and pleasure to provide this recommendation for Eduard. Eduard Badiu, P.E., is an excellent choice for engineering consulting. As an attorney for 10 years with construction litigation, condominium law and construction issues at hundreds of condominiums, I have worked with engineers and other consultants on many projects. Eduard and his team conduct a thorough analysis and service to provide a premier consulting product that far exceeds the usual level of service available to help ensure success for the project."

Phillip N. Sanov

The Lanier Law Firm, P.C.

Houston, Texas

(713) 824-2477


"We have always gotten great value from utilizing engineering services from Eduard/CeBB Engineering. Equally as important as the expertise - which is top-notch - we have always received feedback and reports either on time or even before the deadline."

Radu Cristea


Pembroke Pines, FL.

(954) 471-7436


"I have contacted CeBB a few months ago in order to get a roof service inspections. The service was executed promptly and very professional. A few days after the inspection, CeBB has sent me the inspection report document and I was extremely pleased with the quality and the details of the report. If I would have to describe the service in a few words, it would be: quick, professional and quality. Thank you for everything."

American Quality Roofing

Pembroke Pines, FL.


"God Bless you & we thank you for helping make our business a success."

Affordable Rooftec

Hollywood, FL

(954) 295-3984


"From 2003 since we have used your services we have received nothing but very satisfactory services and customer service. Laura is very knowledgeable and courteous and calls are made timely. We never had an unresolved problem and that is why we would always use your services. We will always use your services again and most definitely recommend your services to others."

Judge Doris L. Downs

Fulton County Superior Court, GA.

"Mr. Badiu testified at trial consistent with his report. Mr. Badiu has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and has Professional Engineering Licenses in 8 states… The Court bases its findings on the testimony of Plaintiffs’ engineering expert (Mr. Badiu), which this Court found to be credible, coupled with the reasonable inferences that the Court has drawn from the evidence."

Marvin P. Pastel, II, Esq. 

Winter Capriola Zenner

Altanta, GA.

(404) 844-5641

"I have used with much success, CeBB as a roofing forensic expert. Mr. Badiu is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He also possesses the skill to convey that expertise to the Court in such a fashion that the Court understands the issues and it withstands rigorous cross-examination. I recommend Mr. Badiu without hesitation."

Javier Delgado

Merlin Law Group, P.A.J

(713) 392-3947

"I have had the pleasure of working with Eduard as my engineering consultant for almost 3 years now in cases from multi-million dollar condominium losses to a typical homeowner’s claim. I have found Eduard to be honest, accurate, and very thorough in his opinions. He is always cognizant of my client’s costs in relation to the value of the case and is always available to help when I need it most."

Anna & Andrew Ukleja

Weston, Florida


"There should be more people like you. Thank you for your understanding of the engineering situation pertaining to our plans. We feel safe the matter of calculations is in your hands. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise. Thank you for communicating with us despite your out-of-state travel,
Sincerely "

Harry Y.
First Serv Consultants


(954) 889-4487

"Your staff always handled the calls quickly and is very courteous, knowledgeable. The process of getting our problem resolved was superior as well as the quality of customer service we have received. We will definitely use your services again and recommend your services to others."

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