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SERVICES - Special Inspections & Construction

Numerous Building Departments Having Jurisdictions (BDHJ) require that a Special Inspector to perform some mandatory or discretionary structural building inspections. The special inspector may not serve as a surrogate in carrying out the responsibilities of the building official, the architect, or the engineer of record. The contractor’s contractual or statutory obligations are not relieved by any action of the special inspector.


The building department may allow a special inspector to conduct the minimum structural inspection of threshold buildings required by this code, Section 553.73, Florida Statutes, without duplicate inspection by the building department.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspection and testing is performed by a project engineer or by the office designated qualified representative. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Engineered Unit Masonry Systems (Reinforcing Steel placement);

  • Structural Steel (Beams, Columns);

  • Excavation and back-filling operations;

  • Soil improvement techniques (pressure grouting, vibratory compaction, etc.);

  • Concrete repair and restoration.

  • On-Site Quality Control/Assurance Inspections.

  • Non-invasive testing (Windsor Probe and Swiss Hammer Test).


   since 2003
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