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SERVICES - Mitigation Inspections

The 2020 Florida Building Code (7th Edition), Existing Building Manual, Section 706.8 stipulates that when a roof covering on an existing site-built single-family residential structure is removed and replaced on a building that is located in the wind-borne debris region as defined in the Florida Building Code, Building and that has an insured value of $300,000 or more or, if the building is uninsured or for which documentation of insured value is not presented, has a just valuation for the structure for purposes of ad valor-em taxation of $300,000 or more:

  • Roof to wall connections shall be improved as required by Section 706.8.1.

  • Mandated retrofits of the roof-to-wall connection shall not be required beyond a 15 percent increase in the cost of re-roofing.

Exception: Single-family residential structures permitted subject to the Florida Building Code are not required to comply with this section.

Section 706.8.1. Roof-to-wall connections for site-built single-family residential structures. Where required by Section 706.8, the intersection of roof framing with the wall below shall provide sufficient resistance to meet the uplift loads specified in Table 706.8.1 either because of existing conditions or through retrofit measures. As an alternative to an engineered design, the prescriptive retrofit solutions provided in Sections 706.8.1.1 through 706.8.1.7 shall be accepted as meeting the mandated roof-to-wall retrofit requirements.



  1. Where it can be demonstrated (by code adoption date documentation and permit issuance date) that roof-to-wall connections and/or roof-to foundation continuous load path requirements were required at the time of original construction.

  2. Roof-to-wall connections shall not be required unless evaluation and installation of connections at gable ends or all corners can be completed for 15 percent of the cost of roof replacement.


We perform these residential inspections to ascertain whether or not existing connections meet the minimum requirements of the Florida Building Code, Existing Building, and if not we provide our Clients with appropriate steps to improve said connections by addition fasteners or connectors.

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